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Nuclear Blast Radius Calculator

Made on 12-20-2014 Written in Javascript
Provided for entertainment and educational use.
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KiloMeters Miles
Thermal Radiation (heat) 3rd Degree Burn Radius 0 0
2nd Degree Burn Radius 0 0
1st Degree Burn Radius 0 0
Blast (More Info) 1 PSI Range 0 0
3 PSI Range 0 0
5 PSI Range 0 0
10 PSI Range 0 0
20 PSI Range 0 0
Fireball radius 0 0
Ionizing Radiation 500 rads Radius 0 0
1000 rads Radius 0 0

Effects on a map

Fireball / 20 psi radius
10 psi radius
5 psi radius
3 psi radius
1 psi radius

3rd degree burns
2nd degree burns
1st degree burns

1000 rads radius
500 rads radius

Drag marker to make changes take effect. There is currently a bug where 3psi does not work, so you will have to aproximate from the table.

Pressure Effects

Pressure Effects
1 PSI Glass shatters, Light injuries from fragments occur.
3 PSI Most residential structures collapse. Serious injuries are common, fatalities may occur.
5 PSI Most buildings collapse. Injuries are universal, fatalities are widespread.
10 PSI Reinforced concrete buildings are severely damaged or have collapsed. Most people are killed.
20 PSI Heavily built concrete buildings are severely damaged or have collapsed. Fatalities are nearly universal.